Whether you're a services or solutions provider trying to find a partner to work with or a company looking to explore, at Alphacore Technology, we understand that each business and your clients have unique requirement. We provide customizable technology and solutions to help our business partners achieve their goals and meet the needs of their clients.

We strongly believe that our flexible solutions and human capital expertise enable our business partners to add the most value to the quality of their clients and differentiate their business from the other competitor.

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Total Integrated
E-Property Platform Solution

Total integrated E-Property Platform Solution enables property developers and property management to operate remotely and access data on their mobile devices from different locations. Together, we connect property developers and management with house purchasers and their respective building management

E-Clinics Platform

E-Clinics, whether public or private, are able to provide patients with new options for more timely consideration and to be monitored by doctors. With Alphacore Technology, E-Clinics can help healthcare businesses to use telemedicine or access to medical services via the internet.

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